AREA 19 Workforce Development Board Policies

Below are the Current WIOA Policies  for Area 19 WDB

A-01 Adult & DW [rev. 09-02-2020]
A-02 Career Services [rev.03-04-2020]
A-03 Adult & DW [rev. 03-04-2020]
A-04 Supportive Services for Adult & DW [rev. 08-31-2022]
A-05 Adult & DW Needs Related Payment
A-06 Adult & DW Work Experience
A-07 IWT (rev. 03-06-2024)
A-07 IWT Agreement [rev. 12-01-2023]
A-07 IWT Application [rev. 12-01-2023]
A-07 IWT Checklist & Scoring Sheet [rev. 12-01-2023]
A-07 IWT Trainee Plan & Budget [rev. 12-01-2023]
A-07 IWT Trainee Spreadsheet [rev. 12-01-2023]
A-11 Customized Training
A-12 Special Grants
A-13 Special Grants Supportive Services [rev. 03-04-2020]
B-01 CCMEP WIOA Youth Eligibility
B-02 CCMEP Program Services
B-03 CCMEP Work Experience
B-04 CCMEP Supportive Services (rev. 03-04-2020)
B-05 CCMEP Incentive and Stipend  (rev. 04-27-2022)
B-06 CCMEP Follow-Up Services(rev. 04-27-2022)
C-01 Customer Information Confidentiality
C-02 Selective Service Registration
C-03 Self-Sufficiency Policy (updated 08-31-2022)
C-04 Appropriateness for Receiving Services
C-05 Avoiding Conflicts of Interest During the Provision of Services
C-05 A1 – RELATIONSHIP ATTESTATION Form – Appendix One [revised 12-05-2023]
C-06 Determination of Dependency Status
C-07 Serving Special Populations (rev. 03-04-2020)
C-08 Priority Access to Services (rev. 03-04-2020)
C-09 Source Documentation
C-09 Source Documentation Appendix A
C-09 Source Documentation Appendix B
C-09 Source Documentation Appendix C
C-09 Source Documentation Appendix D
C-10 On-the-Job Training [rev. 03-06-2024]
C-10 A1 – OJT-Checklist-and-Scoring-Sheet [revised 12-01-2023]
C-11 ITA Policy & Procedures (updated 09/02/2020)
D-02 Financial
D-03 Program & Financial Oversight and Monitoring
D-04 Procurement (rev. 06-24-2020)
D-05 Conflict of Interest (rev. 05-2020)